Labor reflections

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Today it’s May 1st, Labor Day. How will it look in 20 years when half of the jobs have been automated? Will the consequence be that there are hoards of citizens with no employment, hence viewed as having no economical value? We already now see how autonomous economies are being formed. It’s not just we can see self driven cars. We can also see complete systems without human interaction; check in at the airport, bitcoin mining, exchange robots at the stock market, systems for pricing and order management. People still in these systems...

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Leadership reflections 2

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Last time I wrote to you I asked you to help me with a survey regarding leadership. Thank you for your answers. The result was that ability to coach the personnel and to communicate came out as most important areas. Leaders say that they are quite good at coaching but that there is room for improvement regarding communication. On the question on how to improve communication the preference was coaching by an external mentor followed by sharing experience with peers from other organizations. Leaders think that they are quite good at develop...

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Leadership reflections

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Today the winter hit us in Stockholm. It has been snowing all day. Children are happy and playing, adults not so happy getting stuck with the cars and shoveling snow. In the same way as the weather is chaotic we experience a turbulent world. During the first month of 2015 we have experienced a dramatic drop in oil price, increased fighting in east Ukraine, excessive Russian military practice in the Baltic See, terrorism in France, fighting in Syria and Iraq and so on. In times of storms leadership is crucial, both political and in...

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Holiday Season Reflections

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So far we haven’t any snow and real winter in Stockholm. Today is the shortest day in the northern hemisphere so some snow to light up would be nice. Things starts to slow down when we are entering the holiday season with Christmas and New Year here in Sweden. It’s time to start summing up 2014. There are two topics which have been discussed quite a lot during this year. The first is about silos and how to break them down. We should build less walls and more bridges. Many times we are building walls around our department or function....

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Business reflections

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Right now I’m visiting Dubai and yesterday I went to the world highest building, Burj Khalifa. It raises 828 m up in the sky and it’s an impressive construction. The tallest manmade construction actually. The base construction is impressive; over 45,000 m3 of concrete, weighing more than 110,000 tons were used to construct the concrete and steel foundation, which features 192 piles buried more than 50 m deep. The height and the view was breathtaking. If you will build a tall building you need to have a good foundation. If you are going to...

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Road reflections

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Change is hard. We as human beings are biased towards status quo and many times resist changing even in the face of evidence. Research shows that companies almost always allocate resources on the basis of the past rather then future opportunities. How does the world ahead of us change? There will be more discontinuity and volatility. Smooth upward curves, long held assumptions are no longer valid and previously powerful business models will not be successful. Why will the road ahead be different? There are three major forces at...

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Change reflections

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Maybe you are about to come back from vacation, or you already have been on the job for some time. Maybe you also have been thinking something on changing things while you had a time off. Maybe you also have experienced how difficult it is to change, to implement new ways of working, new processes or a new strategy. Why is it so difficult to change? Change inspires many times fear in people. It could be that you are loosing your current position, maybe your knowledge won’t be asked for any more or you will have less influence. The fear is a...

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Educations reflections

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Right now Sweden is at the of summer vacation. Almost everyone has a time off, it’s 300 C, sun and tropical nights. At Almedalsveckan (Swedish political, social and enterprise fora) I listened to topics such as Mathematics and competition, Hunt for talents in the digital era, China (schools, dreams/strategy and innovation) and Busy doing nothing—as a consequence of the second machine age. Quite a huge variety! One insight was that education becomes even more important and will make a difference in the competition. In Sweden a secondary...

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Reflections II

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Sweden is now preparing for the summer vacation. The days are long, the nights short and it never gets really dark and soon it will be warm (we hope). The Swedes are blessed with a minimum of 25 days of vacation from the very beginning in their employment. Most people takes 4 weeks vacation in a row during the period June to August. Quite a difference compared with other countries, i.e., Mexico, USA and China. I will also have some time off, even though there always are some things to take care of as a consultant and owner of your own...

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Bamboo reflections

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Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants on earth. The record is 2,5 meters in just 24 hours. An ordinary pine tree can grow up to one meter in a year. This week I was listening to a presentation from King Digital Entertainment. Their great success is the game Candy Crush Saga and you may also remember the IPO at NYSE in March this year that valued that company at 7 billion USD. How does bamboo, pine tree and King relate? Bamboo is a supergrower, likewise we have seen software and online-service companies, i.e., Facebook and Google, be...

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