What’s going on?

Kairo Future report “What’s on 2021” outline some important trends.

Many things changed during 2020. New behaviors were established in a short time. Some of the trends were already there but accelerated due to Covid-19, e.g., e-commerce, work from home, people leaving the large city centers and recycling.
The pandemic also created anxiety and stress due to the lack of planability.
Since the pandemic has been going on for some time and seems to continue a large part of 2021 the new behaviors and patterns will likely be permanented.
This means that businesses and organizations must cope with uncertainty. They need to monitor the outside world continuously and be prepared to change radical and rapidly.
The world is changing, it is serious – act before it is too late.

How are you feeling?

If you are satisfied with how things are – you are a loser.
If you are dissatisfied with how things are – you are a winner.

Do you know what?

Change is not the success factor.
Change faster than everyone else is a success factor – you will win.



Introducing See & Do “Finger Spinner Dimensions”

How do we change faster than everyone else?

  • By having a strategy – it is necessary but not enough.
  • By implementing it faster than anyone else.
  • By communicating more efficient than anyone else

Then you have outstanding change.



Let us share with you three stories where we used “Finger Spinner Dimensions”

We got the assignment to work out the five-year regional supply chain strategy for a Global Fortune 500 company. The work took the start with broader perspective of trends and development in the society. The business perspective was also investigated. Based on an analysis of this, the vision of how the company should win was elaborated. The consequences on competence, priorities and leadership were identified. Finally, the detailed plan for the first year of implementation was elaborated.


A service company was not satisfied with their profitability. We were hired to implement changes to increase profitability. The changes consisted of relocation of premises, recruitment of new managers, introduction of flexible workforce, reduction of workforce, new employment type and changed competence/skill. As a result, the profitability increased by three times.


We work with LIFE Languages™ communication analysis tool. There are seven different languages, which are Mover, Doer, Influencer, Responder, Shaper, Producer and Contemplator. Everybody has a combination of all seven languages. The primary language is the most dominate one.

Example working with a person who has Influencer as primary language:
I worked at a company during the time of two different CEO’s. The way to communicate with the CEO’s was completely different. With the first CEO you start talking about everyday things, what had happened during the weekend, sport events. Then, by the way, the question was asked in which I needed a decision. It was important for the CEO that we spoke and established contact initially.

Example working with a person who has Shaper as primary language:
The CEO that came later worked in a completely different way to make decisions. Here I needed to come well prepared with PowerPoint presentation with facts and plans and present them in the management team. For this CEO it was important that the team participated in the decision and that the documentation was well prepared.
These examples show how important it is to know with whom you are working so you can connect and have an effective communication to move things forward.



Arbete med WAO LABS

Nu har har vi börjat labba med idéerna som ska leda fram till Vinnande Affärsförslag med bästa teamet. Om en och en halv månad får vi se resultaten som deltagarna kommer fram till - spännande.

Communication skills

Communication skills.

Speak, so they understand!



If you are dissatisfied with how things are, contact us to start outstanding change today.

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    Our History

    Our history.

    In 2009 we started the company coup d’oeil Consulting. In April 2012 we changed our name to See & Do AB.

    The core values (our principles as a company and consultants are):

    • All have equal value and should be treated with respect
    • All have potential to grow
    • Work outside-in
    • Strive for excellence by being unsatisfied with status quo
    Our vision: Allow time for the enjoyable, meaningful and important in life.

    With the methods and procedures that we teach, companies will achieve a way of working with continuous learning. They themselves will have their coup d’oeil (the ability to discern at one glance the tactical advantages and disadvantages of the situation) as we lead them through the process and this gives them the motivation and perseverance to implement the changes necessary to become winners. We coach them how they are linking strategy with leadership to achieve success for the company, managers and employees. Our customers use both heart and mind to become outstanding in their business and being able to maintain that position over time.


    More than 20 years of experience in various areas of large and medium-sized company with extensive international operations and the implementation of several major change projects:

    • Several major restructurings of operations to improve profitability.
    • Execute capital reduction projects.
    • Building up new organizations for the Supply Chain.
    • Disposal and integration of activities.
    • 20 years of management experience.
    • 5 years’ experience of executive management team in a business with 3 billion SEK of sales and operations in over 30 countries.
    • Experience as a CEO of a company with 2 billion SEK sales and sales in over 30 countries.

    11 years’ experience as an independent consultant also working with start-ups and non-profit organizations. Analytical, structured, inspire confidence, encourages an open dialogue, drive execution and implementation and ability to switch between high activity level and theoretical framework.


    Co-owner of the company and Administrative Manager. Teacher on leadership training. LIFE Languages Certified Trainer in communication and university studies in work- and organizational psychology.

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